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Re: child murder - Lonsdale Street 1967

Originally Posted by claytonx View Post
We had a grocers shop on the corner of Empress St and Princess St in the 1960.My wife has a wonderful memory and can remember a man killing his wife between 1965/1969,he only got six years in prison as it was said to be provocation. The grand parents took the child into their care,they lived on Blackburn Rd at the top of Princes St.My wife remembers the grandfather coming into the shop and saying what a shock,and being disgusted at the sentence. They moved away from the area and a friend of mine who worked at Mosleys and delivered bread to the shop bought the house.
Would that be the guy on Charter St? He only got 6 or 7 yrs then moved away from accy on release, after staying around a short while, he actually moved in wi a very well known lady,shortly after release, then vanished fer many years,i actually bumped into him on Euston Station think that would be sometime in late 80s,
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