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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

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Hell wouldn't want to live in your world, the only problem there is lifestyle choice usually ends up costing society dear already god knows what it would be like in your world, maybe you'd be better of emigrating to the outer Mongolia
Drug use is, or at least can be, dangerous, I've never said otherwise, but so are all the other things in the list I posted. Would you ban alcohol as well, or is that okay because it has become socially acceptable over the years. Alcohol has been guilty of bringing about far more misery over the years than drugs (violence, anti social behaviour and even family poverty and other problems). I don't smoke and never have but I don't go clambering for it to be banned, even before the ban in public places stopped it being rammed down my throat. We cannot go banning things just because we don't personally like them, we just stay away from them (a bit like turning the tv over if you don't like the programme).
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