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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by churchfcrules View Post
One of the problems with trying to have a debate with someone, who can't remember what they said to whom, it's good that all us mere mortals just blend into one in your mind, that way you class anyone who doesn't agree with you as the same person, makes it easier to justify your own point of view, well only one person disagreed eh!

It was me you mentioned te sewage system too

Surely to goodness there's only one of you, who struggles reading what's already been said, or who forgets what's been written only a post or so before?

The inbulit sewerage system isn't there just for you.

It's there to deal with all the illogical crap we have to wade through.

When the few unfortunate souls have gone cold turkey, and develop severe contstipation, I'll put down my crap scoop, and go and have a cup of tea.

'If you're going to be a Kant, be the very best Kant there is my son.'
Johann Georg Kant, father of Immanuel Kant, philosopher.

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