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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by mobertol View Post
On a completely different tack -I am greatly dis-heartened by the fact that twice recently on this thread I have received red karma.

Not for the fact in itself -which is fair enough -but for the fact that it has been twice unsigned. Say what you think -say it to my face, I won't be upset and will take it as your valid opinion. Yours has as much weight as mine.

Please though have the strength of your convictions and say who you are as well as your comment. There is nohing worse than a coward - so your comments are worth less than nothing without your signature.

Mine is always signed.

Where possible - as mostly it is green - I will thank your for your interaction - otherwise am willing to have a personal chat, you will find that I am a reasonable soul.

I stand by what I say...have he courage to defend your stance and your words by signing them.
I agree with you, I always sign my Karma and was not responsible for any red in this case. I have had a lot of unsigned stuff in the past and I agree it is cowardly.
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