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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by Less View Post
There are plenty of karma threads this isn't one of them.
On the rare occasions I give or take the stuff I don't sign it, not because I'm a coward just because there are small minded people out there that if you sign and give green for example they feel duty bound to return the damned stuff, which isn't the idea behind it at all.
If you weren't bothered you wouldn't mention it.
I love it when I get red and a nasty comment about it being in return for the red I gave them, because inevitably the scmuck is completely wrong about who gave it to them 'cos 999 out of 1000 it wasn't me.
Ha!! So it was you then

This "small-minded scmuck" is just about to press the red button back

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