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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by kestrelx View Post
No Restless, Gary was into sniffin arm pits - acid sweat was his high.

So you were a follower of Philip Salon?

Did you have any apple sauce with it?
I've met a lot of people in all kinds of commercial social environments, between the late seventies, and the present day.

What I can say in all honesty say is that the numbers of people who go out now and take recreational drugs has increased many, many fold.

As for your obsessive interest in the minutiae of my life Nigel, the wheres, the whens, and who withs, as I told you, you'll just have to wait for the book.

If that's not published until after your death, I guess that's just tough luck.

Happily, anyone like you doesn't figure in it.

I tend to socialise with those who possess at least a little wit, and/or originality, be they dustman or Duke.

'If you're going to be a Kant, be the very best Kant there is my son.'
Johann Georg Kant, father of Immanuel Kant, philosopher.

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