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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by garinda View Post
Didn't you say that months ago too?

'I'm leaving the forum!'

'This is my last post!'

'I'm never returning here, you're all pickin' on me!'

But not knowing your own mind, plus possessing poor self-control, went back on your word very shortly after?

Weak willed.

Ideal candidate for those who seek answers in chemically altering their sad little reality.

Ha ha ha! I said "end of" as meaning - it doesn't matter to me what you think about drugs - I don't do drugs and in my view it's a personal issue whether someone wants to take drugs. There should be accurate information available for people. Not scaremongering just to frighten people who probably are going to try something anyway - regardless of if they are scarred by inaccurate information. While alcohol is openly sold when it often does more harm.

Digging up dirt again....
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