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Re: Should we 'legalise illegal drugs'? - Poll.

Originally Posted by garinda View Post
You never did answer the question Nigel.

You've used this forum to boast of the pleasures taking drugs such as acid gave you, and about you taking heroin.

You've mentioned one of your friends died of taking heroin at a young age.

Thank you for publicly sharing that.

Did your brother, the one you publicly spoke about to the press, the one who was exposed in the Sunday nationals as being a spanking pervert, and then later convicted of being the Tesco blackmailer, did he also take recreational drugs, at a relatively young age?

I'm just trying to work out, as well as lowering intelligence, as latest medical findings tell us, does taking illegal drugs make it an easier path to access to further criminal activity?

Or is stupid/criminal behaviour more likely associated with genetics?

I have requested this post be removed! It has nothing to do with me nor do I wish to discuss it! It's the 4th time you've mentioned this with no link to any other post. There fore it can only be seen as provocation and trolling to cause a reaction.
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