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Re: Kestrel x barred for life!

Originally Posted by kestrelx View Post
Hey Mods where you hiding - too much ale on Saturday afternoon - I've been barred for "less" before - why you not done the same now!

OK Less you muppet one of the mods is related to you so I believe? Is he retarded like you!
Strangely enough and just for your information, none of the mod's are related to me.

The owner of the site is related to me, yes he's a muppet, he loses money each month keeping the site going, he does it on a whim, he spoils his dad, almost every day he's in touch, anyone you want banning dad? No lad, is the reply, without irritations such as kestrelx what would the site be like?
We need such morons to keep everyone else happy.

Well you've decided to leave, may your God look after you 'cos life will be lonelier for you without the rest of us to read your bullshine.
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