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parking Ticket issued outside the market hall, with a disabled badge?

Hi, Can anyone help please, I have been issued a parking ticket today outside the market hall, I had displayed a disabled permit belonging to my disabled mother who was sat in the car, I had nipped into the market hall for 6 teacakes and 4 peices of bacon I was 4 minutes (I had to set the timer disc and then checked when I got back) There were disabled spaces but taken. Some guy who was there when I got the notice said its a scam?? they can't own land that belongs to the council?? The more annoying fact is that I could have parked on double yellow 10 foot away and displayed the badge, but inside I decided to use a designated space and got penalised. Does anyone know if ive a leg to stand on fine is 100 or 50 for early payment. I can't ring only to pay disputes in writing but then failure of appeal means I will have to pay the 100....I am very upset (actually crying, I know i'm silly) can someone from the council comment also plz??
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