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Re: Abu Qatada to be deported

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Now, now, Mancie, you're only telling half a story there, aren't you? The FULL story from the BBC is this

Judges at the European Court in Strasbourg ruled early in 2012 that the cleric would not face ill-treatment if returned to Jordan. They said a special UK-Jordan agreement over Mr Qatada's treatment, called a Memorandum of Understanding, was sound and met European standards of humane treatment.

Critically however, the judge did not believe he would get a fair trial because a Jordanian court could use evidence against Abu Qatada that had been obtained from the torture of others.
...and yet again, Mancie, you're only telling us half the story. Yes, the ECHR think he will get fair treatment if he's sent to Jordan but THEY DO NOT BELIEVE HE WILL GET A FAIR TRIAL because they think they'll use evidence against him that's been obtained by torture.

Now, like the majority of the British public, I couldn't care less what happens to the scum once he's in Jordan; they can boil him in oil for all I care. He's an asylum seeker who's consistently abused our hospitality and he's deemed to be a serious security threat to this country. Why are you ducking and diving on this? Is it because you don't want to admit that your mates in the Labour party are just as gutless as the Tories and LibDems on this issue, as evidenced by their total silence on this thread?

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