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Re: Shall I take this further or cut losses?

Originally Posted by Less View Post
So this guy unlocks your car and comes to get you, I presume leaving the car unlocked?
In which case an opportunist thief could have taken your sat nav, it seems unlikely to me that the guy helping you would have taken it, I could be wrong but lets face it he is there everyday easy to trace and knows it.
So why not go back to the store and ask if they have surveillance in the car park that covered where your car was? It may show who the culprit is.
You could be correct, I hope you are.... It's not quite as likely as may seem though, I wasn't in a store-it was a multistory car park but a well-lit one and was 7pm by the time I got home, so quite late on. Three car-parking attendants and I didn't see anybody else the whole time I was there.

Originally Posted by Gordon Booth View Post
I agree with cashman. It's possible someone saw him trying to get in your car, open it then rush off to tell you. Ideal opportunity, in, quick search and away.
It would be awful to accuse him without proof and be wrong and he probably saved you having your insurance go up for the next few years.
No snickering, just bad luck, happens to all of us.

Edit- Just realised Less beat me to it and he's come up with a good idea.
I do hope you're right-that sits much better with me than does the reasoning that this man who was helping me, was actually not.

Originally Posted by maxthecollie View Post
Lesson learnt. Keep your car keys on your person all the time or carry a spare set
I do need to get a spare set. And to get into the habit of leaving them in the lock if I open the boot with my daft wolf in the car!!
Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
I would go with what Less suggested.

Lifes lessons always come at a cost. If you don't get the satnav back, that will be the cost...but I bet you don't do it again.
Spare keys are a great idea too MTC.
I'll get somebody to get me one for xmas.

Thanks for the replies everybody!!!
Life is 10% what happens to you-and 90% your reaction to it.
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