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Re: Accrington Conservative Club Cannon St. (Churchills Nightclub) Newspaper Articles

Just trying to get my head round all this as I find the spreading of posts across several threads very difficult.

There seem to have been three different Conservative clubs in Accrington:

The first was in A bbey Street and sold off in 1882 (see pic 4 of post 1 of this thread)
The second was at the junction of Eagle Street and Blackburn Road and erected in 1882.
The third was the present now defunct building in Cannon Street erected n 1891.

The second one is mentioned here in a book dated 1884:
Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project -
Having looked via Streetview at the present building in that location it doesn't to me bear much resemblance to the one described in the cutting in pic 2 of post 1 of this thread. That building, architect Henry Ross, is described as being in domestic Gothic style and having one storey with attics whereas the present one has nothing Gothic about it at all and has two full storeys above the ground floor. There may have been some rebuilding around the turn of the century.

The present building is described in great detail in the cutting in pic 8 of this thread, along with a sketch at pic 9.
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