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Re: Oh Hum its a funny old world

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Nope not saying that at all. I'm not talking about equality, I'm talking about value, worth and fairness.

Your mate deserves what he has, he's grafted, he is productive and is value for money. I have no problem with him earning more than his cleaner or him living in a castle, I am not a communist.

Who do you think deserves the better pay...the bloke who hits a ball with a stick and wears a hat with a tick on it, the banker that gets a six figure bonus for losing your pension fund or the bloke that helps you get around Accrington. Which one is the most value for money and the most productive? And most importantly do you think that the gap between their incomes is fair?
I have no problem with any sportsman earning what he can, normally its a very short career, your telling me that if you'd have been a talented footballer, golfer athlete, you would have turned your nose up at earning a good living for yourself, as for bankers, I don't have a problem with them either so long they act legitimately, which in the past it was proved this isn't always the case, if your dealing in money you make money so be it, I have the same outlook as Neil and remember I have been unable to work for years because of very poor health, have I moaned and envied people more luckier than myself, not a chance, envy has never been on my horizon, even now so long as I can get by and pay my way I don't give a monkies
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