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Re: Oh Hum its a funny old world

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Your digital view of history is becoming pixelated. And quite silly.
I don't think so, I've just got a new monitor

Especially looking at the example of the Soviet Union and concluding it proves anything ... other than that a co-operative effort will defeat the Wehrmacht, put a man in space, and build lousy automobiles
Can't have been that successful, it only lasted 69 years, then collapsed, bankrupt. Shortest lived Empire in history?

Since Adam delved and Eve span, humanity has been in a constant state of revolution.
(Nice to add a touch of Shakespeare to an argument conducted in English) Not cyclical at all, just constant evolutionary change. You know, random mutation, selective retention applied to society. If you believe that revolutions are somehow created in smokey rooms or attics by bearded wannabe intellectuals who make the kind of bombs that coyote's throw at road runners, then you are missing the point.
Try telling Lenin and Trotsky that.

In fact, most revolutions are inevitable.
Can't agree, only evolution is inevitable.

There is, for example, no technological revolution.
No, but there is technological evolution.

Once you have the first computer ... maybe we should thank the nazis for providing us with the challenge of Enigma ... the technological "miracles" of today are boringly inevitable. It took thousands of years to get off the ground in a heavier than air machine. Yet the "distance" from Kitty Hawk to Tranquility Base is, what, 66 years.
And "revolutions", all major changes, feed off one another.
That's historically inaccurate-give me an example. Major changes feeding off one another is evolution.

No random mutation of wheat in the Fertile Crescent = equals no ancient Egypt.
But the wheat wasn't revolting, it was evolving.

Altho' something else might have happened to give rise to civilization, which may or may not have been a good idea. Like it or not, the revolution is taking place right now.
No, evolution is taking place now and always. revolutions aren't continuous,they just pop up.
Altho', how it will pan out is anybody's guess.
It's the way you tell em!

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