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Re: New to forum, been investing in the town.

[QUOTE=GEaston;1046740]This sure is the sceptics forum :-)

I am a real person. I founded the following companies:

Travelshark - killer recommendations.
Internet Search Marketing - The UK's Leading Provider of Tourism and Hospitality Websites.
The HUNT Guides.

Originally Posted by susie123 View Post
Yep sure is. I'm one of life's sceptics and as soon as I joined I knew I'd fit right in.
Had a look at those web addressess, right load of gobbledegook, and now I'm even more skeptical than susie123.
Your spiel might sound good to some but not me, why after all these years have you picked on Accrington for these fancy ideas, especially as you don't know where it is without a map.
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