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Coley and Bell article in Accy Ob.:- Click
John Coleman and Jimmy Bell stake claim for Accrington Stanley return - Accrington Observer

A Rochdale fan's view!:-"Management by fear is not a route to success and in this day and age will only lead to the sort of problems we witnessed during one of the worst 12 months I have endured at Spotland in over 50 years. If only 10% of the rumours and accusations are true we were probably lucky to get rid of the odious duo before the club got landed with a law suit.

A friend of mine went to the "meet the management day" and spent over half an hour one on one with Bell and described it as one of the most intimidating experiences of his life. Coleman by comparison was pleasant and amenable but Ding Dong obviously sets the tone. Good luck Accy - in this case "never go back" would seem to be valid."
What else did you expect a Rochdale fan to say.
And that isnt the view of every Rochdale fan, one i know reckons they where close to turning it around but where let down.
But hey, if you have an agenda...
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