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Re: DYKE NOOK, Whalley Road, Accrington

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I have in my possession a copy of the Accrington Jubilee Souvenir 1878 to 1928........within it shows two plans of the area 1849 and 1928.

In the 1849 plan Barnes St. is not shown. It appears to have been perhaps a laneway leading off Abbey Street, opposite Blackburn Road/Street.
So as it is definitely there in 1928, I would guess that perhaps Barnes Street was named after William Barnes, who lived in Accrington House and died in 1864. The 1849 plan shows this estate as entering from what was Whalley Road, near Abbey Street.
"A man of some prominence was Mr. William Barnes. Engaged in cotton, he and his partner, Mr. Lang Bridge, built Park Mill about 1861 and there carried on the manufacture of fancy dress materials.
Mr. Barnes was an active member of the New Church, holding many important offices. He was a member of the Local Board of Health and also a member of the Burial Board during the formation of the Cemetery. He was a strong advocate for a cemetery and, strange to relate, he was the first to be interred there October 10, 1864."

So Bob, if you can find something else, which seems to fit the bill more clearly, please let me know........
As well, I would dearly love to make contact with any of my Barnes descendants, so far, very few seem to be around or at least, interested in Family History.
Would that be the Mr Lang Bridge who started the engineering works at Exchange Street Spring Hill, where did he live in Accrington do we know much about him.
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