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Re: Mancie's Thread - The Road to the Titles

Originally Posted by Barrie Yates View Post
As Mancie hasn't been around for a while I thought I would start a thread along the lines of the one normally started by him - come back soon Mancie.

Difficult start to the season for La Crème, Swansea, Chelsea and then doomsville against the Scouse lot. Difficult enough for Moyes without a start like this.

Can Stanley push for promotion this season? New manager who was a decent player. let us hope he can provide the inspiration - they could have a local derby in '14/'15.

Deadwood gang? well what is there to say - another flirtation with relegation perhaps or a push for a return to the Premiership?
This sites about local teams Stanley being the main aspect with Burnley and Rovers thrown in, who gives a toss about the premiership if you want to discuss that Google "Plastics Are Us", you'll find millions there to chat with
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