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Re: Mancie's Thread - The Road to the Titles

I have been waiting patiently for the scousers to stick there heads above the parapet - perhaps they are stuck up their nether regions. Where were the SaS men, seemed that they were as invisible as the defence - only 3 points ahead of La Crème now BG, how long before we overtake you?
Great day for the deadwoods - is it true that they are organising an open top bus tour to celebrate? See that Burnley are still at the top and a good few points ahead of the deadwoods - are they going to start their revival and a push for promotion next year - the 2014/15 season?
Stanley left it late but salvaged a point (was it a touch of Fergie Time?), and are no longer on the bottom and - another win could lift them a few more places.
La Crème turned on the style in the first half, but 3 substitutions by half time changed the play completely, but 3 - 1 will do me any time.
Beginning to look as though it will be between La Crème and the NN
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