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Re: Mancie's Thread - The Road to the Titles

Originally Posted by Boeing Guy View Post
Just a thought,
After 10 games the lowest in the Position Manky U under Red Nose was,

2005-2006, 6th Place, they ended up finishing 2nd at the end of the season.
The stats, Won 5, Drawn 3, Lost 2, with 18 points.

Compared to,
2012-2012, 8th Place (their lowest ever in the history of the Premier League).
The stats, Won 5, drawn 2, Lost 3, with 17 points.

The difference was in 2005-2006, you had red nose.
Now you have the Chosen One, who once reached the dizzy heights of 4th with Everton, 2004-2005.

Its nice to know David Moyes is the Manager of choice.
Just remind me what the Dodger has won?
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