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Re: National Lottery

It's sad that your measure of success Less is how much money someone has. I wouldn't use such a narrow measure to define it as there's no great correlation between wealth and happiness. For example I wouldn't swap my lot with these people Couple who scooped 148million lottery jackpot to divorce just over a year since their win | Mail Online

A country estate?, maybe, but not yet. As I've said before there's a huge difference between cash in hand and asset value in a company. I have plenty of the latter and not so much of the former.

On the papers, I don't seek them out, nor make up their stories. I don't get anything from such nonsense other than perhaps increased supply costs. I agree there's nothing unique in renovating buildings in Accy, but that's a hobby and a long term investment not a business.

How your inferiority complex plays into that I've no idea. You do though aggressively rant and rave about pretty much anything and everything I say hence my suggestion that you should seek professional help in the area of anger management.
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