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Re: Soft-touch Britain.

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I really can't imagine a woman that's been abused prepared to abuse other children in this way.
Question is, how much choice do they have? I don't belive that just saying "no" is an option for women in the "cultures" we are talking about. It's difficult to understand primarily because our thinking is conditioned, to a large degree, by the culture in which we are fortunate enough to live. You and I might not be able to imagine it; but there are those who can't imagine anything else, or things being anything other than what they are. We can't expect the victims to rise up against thier oppressors ... it just ain't gonna happen. What Britain and Canada can do for starters is to enforce the laws that have been on the books for years ... It won't stop the practice ... (slavery is still common in certain parts of the world for chrissake) ... but at least we can put an end to it in our own countries.
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