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Re: Soft-touch Britain.

This is one thing I feel strongly about, It's so cruel and horrendous. I can't compare it to male circumcision as the common consequences, reasons and procedure are so far apart, even though I disagree with both for the most part.

Has anybody read any Waris Dirie? I follow her work quite avidly.

The recent e-petition pioneered by Leyla Hussein (of the recent c4 documentary) has received more than enough signatures to be discussed in the HOC, thankfully. I just hope it results in some major changes, as Eric states, not ONE prosecution yet this is severe child abuse. It makes no sense

Nothing to do with religion either it seems, just a barbaric tradition. And as has been said above, how a woman can hold her child down whilst she is tortured is so far removed from my own thinking, I will not even attempt to understand it.
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