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Welcome JC. I think very few Accy lads went to CRGS. One lad in my years at St John's did - Derek Hales. However, we are 4yrs younger than you. I haven't seen Derek since 195? so far as I can remember, though I know he is still in Accy. Didn't you live in Clayton, Eric ? If any of your plas went to Accrington GS, I might be able to put you in touch as I am mem sec for the Old Boys.
Hello Bob.
I can't recollect any of my pals going to Accrington GS. My going to CRGS was not a first choice, just one of the quirks of the 11 plus system. After I had been there for 3 years we moved to Hertfordshire and I was transfered to Hertford Grammar so I probably would have missed Derek Hales. Thanks very much for the message.
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