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Oh WoW, I've just read this post from the beginning,, I've laughed and cried so many times, I know many of the names of these culprits, I think I might even be a distant relative of one of them.
I started out with Treadwheels, then I played with The Senators from Arrod, then The Mustangs from Darren, The Dolphins from Burnley (We pinched it from The Holly's when they changed their name) Then we got the residency at The Dolphin Club in Colne, which was held previously by The Holly's. Wow my brain hurts, after that I played with a comedy show band from Freckleton, Mynzapint. I now do an occasional gig solo doing all my own comedy material.

Just before I left Thailand I did a spot for Peter Bowden of Bowden's pies Accrington. He has a restaurant/Bar in Nong Khai North Thailand. Anyone see Roy Taylor, give him my best. I will be speaking with Wammy on Facebook shortly, wait till I tell him about all this,if he doesn't already know.
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