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Re: It's not a problem or is it?

Originally Posted by Accyexplorer View Post
As you know,we live in a society where money is worshipped over everything else (it's making for a sick society). It's obvious that jobs like nurses, surgeons or paramedics shouldn't be working under the influence but testing people who sell clothes or who are on the till at Asda is taking things a bit far imo.
No, I don't think it is. If you enter into a contract with an employer(to work for them) then shouldn't you make sure that you are fit to do that job?
Isn't your employer entitled to expect value for money......a responsible attitude, and of course safety of the people you work with.
If for any reason you cannot keep to your part of the contract, then the employer is within their rights to find someone else who is capable of doing a good job.
Even on the Till at Asda, you need to have your wits about you.

Those people who take drugs for medical reasons are under the surveillance of a medical team and if their performance was reduced due to the medical treatment, then the doctor would have to sign them off as unfit to work, but even those on antidepressants become attuned to the drugs in their system...if you like, their tolerance of them makes work effect they get used to the way they work for them personally.

Jason your argument for recreational drugs and alcohol doesn't hold water.

If you know yourself to be compromised by your recreational activities, you have two choices......give up the activities or give up the job.
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