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Re: It's not a problem or is it?

You may of gathered I'm quite partial to a herbal ciggie now and again, yes I know, It's high time i recognised folk other than myself in my thought process and stopped for a moment to consider the ramifications my drug use may have on other folk....but... 'work is the curse of the smoking classes'.
No doubt there have been times when I'd of probably failed a drug test due to some THC in my system but I'm pretty responsible with my 'habit' and I don't turn up for work of my box.
Say I did go into work with red eyes, smelling of stale ale,and all hungover and 'it was effecting my work performance', I'd expect disciplinary action to be taken 'after' a test.

I can see these tests sending folk back into unemployment leaving them basically unemployable due to their new 'drug user' title. What constitutes a unacceptable level of drugs, Is the rate the same for drink driving as it is for say a office job?

I want a job testing all those directors/managers 5minutes after they come back from their (liquid) lunches or maybe testing employees for stress I've lost count of the weekends I have lost due to the crippling effects of working.
Taking pics of some of the places you see is DANGEROUS . I do not condone or encourage breaking the law or unsafe behavior.

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