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Ched Evans

(If this belongs in General Sport, then the moderators may well wish to move it. However, since it goes beyond sport to cover the wider question of the rehabilitation of offenders, it probably belongs in General Chat)

Should Ched Evans be allowed to sign a contract for a senior football team? The answer must be a resounding No. In the eyes of the law he is a convicted offender, and as a senior footballer would be seen as a representative of the supporters of the club, male and female, and a role model for young fans.

Yes, convicted offenders should be given a chance of rehabilitation, but that means being given employment in a job that enables them to rebuild their lives and their self esteem - not in a high profile public role. Like it or not, rehabilitation means starting low and working to build yourself up.

He claims he is innocent, but that can carry no weight as long as the conviction is in place. If his appeal is successful and he is declared innocent, that puts a completely different complexion on the matter.

But until that happens, he should keep his head down and avoid publicity.
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