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I think that many young people do look up to footballers and try to be like whether you like it or not they ARE influential in their behaviour.
What Ched Evans did was to take advantage of a girl who could not give consent to a sexual act because she was intoxicated.....and he and his friend thought it would be OK to take advantage of the situation.......he was found guilty.
He has expressed no remorse for what he did.....He has denigrated the girl and called her seven kinds of blackguard, when what she did wrong was to get so drunk she had no control of herself......that does not give any man free rein to do anything he wants.
So, while I think that rehabilitation after prison is admirable.....his rehabilitation should be well away from the public gaze and those young enough and daft enough to think he is a fine chap.....and use him as a role model.
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