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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Imo he has served his time, he still insists he didn't do what he was supposed to have done, only he (and his supposed victim) know the answer to that, If he was a shop worker would he not be allowed to serve(no pun intended) female customers or any trade
where he may come into contact with women, he happens to be a footballer by trade and should be allowed to return to it.
I wonder if you'd be of the same opinion if it was your daughter/loved one he supposedly raped?
Personally,I think 'the beast' should be castrated and shouldn't even be allowed to play for his local pub team let alone be allowed to go back to playing at a professional level.
I wonder if the same amount of effort is being put into his victim so that she can try and gain some sort of normality to her life after her attack.

I also second the "well, he would say that wouldn't he?" comment made by MP.
Taking pics of some of the places you see is DANGEROUS . I do not condone or encourage breaking the law or unsafe behavior.

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