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Originally Posted by accyman View Post
mike tyson is a convicted rapist and he not only went on to box but is currently standing for some sort of poltical position in america

we dont let convicted rapists into teh UK ( well were not meant to ) but this was waved away when tyson wanted to come here

this footballer guy is appealing his conviction but until then he remains a convicted rapist which although is a horrible crime he is entitld to earn a living and football is his living

ya see all these pesky human rights laws getting in the way again.Legality over morality and the legality usually prevails
No, football WAS his living......he can do something else. Except he doesn't want to.......he is arrogant enough to think that he is entitled to return to football.
He CHOSE to act in a way the put his career in he needs to suck it up. He only served half of his sentence.
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