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looking for information


I have recently come into the possession of a book its a pocket edition labelled "Handels Oratorio" "Judas Maccareus" on the inside cover it has the name Mr T Lee 40 Monk Street Accrignton. I am not sure how old the book is but on the front hard cover it has a War Price of 8/- so I am guessiing it is about 85 years old. Please correct me if I am wrong. I live in Perth Western Australia and back in the 80's /90's I travelled in an around Accrington and Oswaldtwistle extensively living in the area off and on for 2 years while I researched my heritage. These are the areas I spring from although I am a 4th generation Aussie.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who might know anything about the original owner of the book and if a family member reads this they may be interested in having it returned to them.

Trevor Harris
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