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Re: Anyone know about bottles?

Originally Posted by Gremlin View Post
Oh be joyful, I've emptied a few of those in my younger faraway days.
The owner of Duttons brewery had a car with the registration OBJ 1.
I bet that Reg would of been a pretty penny.
You must of been loaded G ....this size of bottle (approx half a pint) would of sold for around 1s 5d (about 8p) a whole tuppence more than a pint of decent bitter.i believe it was expensive because of the (high) alcohol content.

Originally Posted by Gordon Booth View Post
It's also empty!
When are you going to start a proper collection?
When I can put a stop my online shopping habit
Taking pics of some of the places you see is DANGEROUS . I do not condone or encourage breaking the law or unsafe behavior.

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