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Re: Where have all the graves gone?

Christ Church and St James still exist of course, although Christ Church is not the church it once was. Now known as Trinity Community Church. I believe all the stained glass windows are still intact although there may be a "new floor" separating a clear view of the windows (installed when a child's nursery was opened upstairs in the church). If you cant get a clear view, I have a copy of the windows (which a local photographer Garth Dawson took many years back). The ruins of Arden Hall? Not very many are left I am afraid. The churches, I imagine, you would have to make contact with the vicars, although I do know the email for the lovely new vicar of St James (who I am pleased to say, appears to be very interested in family/local history).
There are also many cuttings in Accrington Library regarding Reginald Hargreaves and his marriage to Alice Liddell. Oak Hill Park, which he sold to Accrington Corporation , I am pleased to say is still in existence.
The "ruins" (and they ARE ruins) of Arden Hall can easily be seen, but you will need a vivid imagination!

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