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Re: How the mighty has fallen

Back now to an earlier thread-wander: I have read through this thread a number of times and have reflected hard before deciding to comment - still not sure if it's a good idea but well... here goes.

I was the first person who Garinda invited onto Hyndburn Chat when he decided to start up the group on Facebook. It doesn't sound such a bad name to me, a place on Facebook for people connected to the Hyndburn area to chat and air their views on anything connected to the Borough of Hyndburn (Accrington and District - for those who want to split hairs), past or present...
I have co-administrated the group with him from the start, on his invitition, and later Carol was invited as a 3rd administrator when the group became too large for just 2 people to manage. We have invested a lot of time, effort and love (yes - the L word) into getting it off the ground and building it up into quite a successful space for people to log into and participate on, over 2 and half years on. No poaching, no invites but as a closed group you have to be accepted into it, at our discretion, and follow some fairly simple behaviour guide-lines in order to avoid unpleasantness. There is enough of that in the world and the concept of a relaxing place where one can spend a few words and engage with others who have similar interests, without feeling threatened or mobbed, is fundamental to the aim of the group. "Come in, sit down and have a brew and a chat..." rather like neighbours used to do...
There are a number of locally connected groups on Facebook and other websites on the internet besides AW - I think each one has it's own validity and space/user-base eg Shutterfly for Ossy, Rishton-web, 50 shades of Accrington etc., I personally consult them all. They are all run by dedicated people who spend time and energy to keep them going. I don't think any of them was set up to be some form of threat or competition to AW.
It is not surprising that Morecambe Ex-pat (initials KW - I think...) did not last long in the group as his comments were found to be off-hand, critical and not in the spirit of exchange that is typical of HC - but then he set out to be displeased and did not give himself the time to settle, have a look around and take part genuinely - his loss I'm afraid. I was off-line when his exchanges took place and the others decided to block his intervention as a number of members complained about his comments, hence the ban. They informed me and I read through the relevant thread and picked up that the argument had been discussed here.
I still participate on AW when family commitments permit - mainly on DaveMac's great photo thread - and hope to continue doing so in the future. It is always nice to see some familiar names on both groups and have exchange with folk from my home-town.
By the way, robust discussion and exchange of opinion is encouraged on HC - particularly seen when politics is the topic for discussion - as long as it does not descend into personal insults and is reasoned. We do not discriminate against people on any grounds and hopefully have a wide range of members who reflect the whole area of Hyndburn. AW is always mentioned fondly as a member of the family would be...

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