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Foxy’s Accrington Pals Beer Pizza to be a hit at Food Festival - Sat June 6th

Celebrity chef Richard Fox will cook a speciality pizza at Accrington’s Food and Drink Festival on Saturday June 6th, using local ingredients including Accrington Pals beer and Lancashire cheese from the Market.

Richard – author of “The Food and Beer Cookbook” and co-star of the ITV series “Men Brewing Badly” with actor and beer enthusiast Neil Morrissey – said of the dish: “This is a really fun and tasty dish to make and with such great local produce the end result will be amazing!”

Cath Holmes, chairwoman of Accrington Pals Centenary Commemorative Fund, said: “We created these beers as a way to commemorate the brave soldiers who lost their lives protecting our country, so I think using the beer in this dish is a fantastic and unique way to enjoy our special product.”

Richard’s speciality dish will be the “Accy Pals Beer and Lancashire Cheese Pizza with Chargrilled Fennel and Tender Stem Salad”. This recipe takes full advantage of local produce, using Accrington Pals Beer, which is specially brewed in commemoration of the heroic WWI regiment and their bravery.

It is one of two locally inspired and specially created dishes which Richard will prepare during the Accrington Food and Drink Festival, with his live cookery demonstrations timed for 10 am and 3 pm in the heart of town. His other dish gives a modern twist to a forgotten family favourite – tripe – creating “Spiced Deep Fried Crispy Tripe with Sweet Chilli Dip”.

Fellow celebrity guest Jesse McClure Storage Hunters’ Jesse McClure sampling Lancashire’s local delicacy - Tripe from TV’s “Storage Hunters” is a lover of tripe and will offer the public samples of the dish from the demonstration kitchen on the day.

Both of these recipes are also printed on a festival flyer being delivered to thousands of local households in the run up to the event on Saturday June 6th, so local people can have a go themselves before seeing the master chef in action.

The Accrington Food and Drink Festival is aiming to be the biggest the town has ever seen, showcasing the finest of the area’s produce as well as bringing new and exotic foods from across the UK. Running from 9 am to 4 pm with FREE entry, the food festival’s traders and events are ongoing throughout the day.

For more information about the festival visit or contact Kirsty by email at

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