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Dave Walsh

Re: Church's Historic Waterfront

Also for the photo you included. The Google Street Map with Pearl Court shows me that Dr Harbinsons Surgery and the Antley pub were not so far from Church District. The Antley Methodist Church seems to have survived. Coincidentally, it was in the Graveyard of a disused Methodist Church in Bury [Unsworth] where I found a Walsh grave as a part of the chain leading me to Church District!

Incidentally, I do think it's a good that a local Doctor is remembered in this way, even if the memory is painful for some. The building where my doctor [probaly very similar] had his practise in Bury when I was a child in the fifties is still there, at the start of Wash Lane on the right as you head for the Motorway.

I meant to include all this in the last posting but I keep forgetting there is only ten minutes editing time allowed in this Forum and I'm more used to twenty.
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