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The Swarm!

Cameron uses the word swarm….and the PC ‘liberal luvvies’ go mad…

How dehumanising, classing people as insects….

Talk about skewing the English language to suit an argument..

You can look up any dictionary you choose and you’ll find something akin to ‘a group of people moving in a mass’

But for those trying to score political points, you lose!... Joe Public is becoming more aware of your half baked nonsense…try coming up with a solution instead of tripping people up on a word.

For crying out loud….the best solution the labour nuggets are currently coming up with is asking the frogs for compensation…. (yeah right..that’s gonna happen)

Oh yeah and look at these swarming cockroaches..

Swarming humans | How It Works Magazine

It’s a valid descriptive word in the circumstances, nothing hidden or demeaning….end of!

It really does show how clueless the Labour party is, that it jumps on ‘silly season’ red top rag journalism in an effort to make political headway….Hey Harriet..major screw up..AGAIN!

(God help me I’m defending a Tory…..and I thought the only time I’d turn blue was on my deathbed from lack of air )
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