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Re: 5p for a carrier bag

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
I am really quite fed up of those who think this charging 5p for a carrier bag will cause chaos.
Take a bag with you or buy a bag...the choice is yours(I would charge 50p.....that would be a more realistic price if we really want to save the planet)
In Wales they have been charging for carrier bags since 2011......even the charity shops charge 5 pence for a used carrier bag.
The place does not seem to have come to a standstill.

This morning by the building that used to be the tax office there was a white carrier bag stuck in a tree.....not a pleasant sight, but we forget that all our rubbish is bagged up in black plastic bin bags...all going to Landfill...these are not going to degrade any faster than carrier bags so the guff about the damage to the environment is just that, GUFF.

OK so a black bin bag full of domestic waste might not find its way into the gullet of a turtle, or be washed up on a beach in the Seychelles....but it is still not environmentally friendly.

It is time we started to incinerate household waste to provide heat and energy.....but wait....can't do that, it probably would produce so much carbon emission that we would see the planet off by next Tuesday.
Also the frozen veg plus fresh spuds/carrots, onions etc, are all in plastic bags, anyone that thinks this 5p a bag will help the environment, has got rocks in there head imho.its just another load of crap, thought up by some do-gooder thats clueless.
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