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Re: How Annoyed Should I be?

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
You are right but the Councillor is responsible for that section so he should be told whats going on in the same way Ken took the blame for the crem cross
Whoa there obsequious one.....are you saying that Paul Cox is as much to blame for Less getting his warning letter as Ken Moss is for the crematorium fiasco:-

Originally Posted by Ken Moss View Post
My point is that it wasn't the best way of having a discussion. Rather than a reasoned debate in private first (it would have ended up in the papers eventually anyway), it was used for maximum political capital instead.

Instead of getting a balanced news report in the local press, it ended up starting a war in the Daily Mail. The Council officers were bombarded with calls from people who said we should be clamping down on Muslim immigration (this had nothing to do with Muslims, who don't use the Crem anyway) to death threats from people who claimed to be regular church goers.

I'm sure some wil find that amusing, but the number of emails also heavily criticising the church was surprising. They wouldn't have had that if they'd not fallen into bed with Peter. I just think that is a shame.

You then get Britcliffe crowing in the papers that HBC have acceded to his 'demands' which to be honest just damages us all (and again the emails bore this out).

The saddest thing of all is that Cllr Judith Addison, also a lay preacher, wrote a magnificent Facebook post looking at things from both sides of the fence.

She was completely ignored by the press.
C'mon Paul..blame the Daily Mail and Britcliffe for the letter that Less got..then again with friends like super moderator and his in the know mates..who needs enemies
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