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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
I think the current state of Europe is a great worry....
You wouldn't chuckle, living here in Germany & talking to folk, the general consensus is that enough is enough. Merkel isn't exactly the flavour of the month despite what the MSM would have you believe, "Mutti" has definitely overstepped the mark & Adolf & Eva aren't overly happy bunnies, there's a quiet swell & a leaning towards the right (although most folk won't speak openly about it) due to Germanys recent past, too much "VolksSchuld".

That said though, the dilution of the "Aryan" race through marriage to other nationals, the pure German is slowly being replaced with a European hominid, that & the attitude of the younger Germans is focusing the opinion that the "sins of our fathers" are not our concern. All well & good, but the new liberalism is just as damning.
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