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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Ma received a piece of Pro EU propaganda last week with her was wrapped in a flyer for the co-op.
She gave it to me to ask me what I thought of it.......I told her it wasn't even fit to wipe your BTM on.
We got a similar publication this week in our went into the paper box for fire lighting.

There is nothing that will convince me that we are better off in the EU. We are not part of this club......we are unwelcome because we want to stand up for our own sovereignty,our own traditions.....we do not want to be told what we can do by Brussels - especially when we can see other nations picking and choosing which EU rules they will follow and which they won't.... we do not want to be added to the European mix(well, I certainly don't)

However I feel that we may get bamboozled in some way(I not sure right now just how).......and that Brexit is unlikely(we may be sent back again to vote until we come up with the right answer).

I do not see David Cameron negotiating anything like a better deal for the UK...and feel that we could be hoodwinked in this way.....into believing that he has done a good deal.
Maybe the EU will break up in the not too distant future.(the migrant crisis might just hasten this)
You cannot yoke a donkey to a race horse and expect a good outcome...and this, in effect, is what has happened.
The poorer nations in the EU show this to be true.
It has been a social experiment in politics and it has failed.
It isn't even any good as a trading alliance anymore.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.

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