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Re: Television Licence

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You reckon?

"The opportunities will be limited to female candidates, those with disabilities and those from black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds."

Seems I don't qualify for any of the above, unless you're classing "Scouser" as an ethnic minority?
Ok ... looking for a black muslim woman in a wheelchair ... preferably a Special Olympian ... from Liverpool. Let's throw in a peanut allergy for good measure.

I personally don't think that blacks and women need all that much help these days. With a black in the White House (ok., millions of his countrymen look at him and see a nigger ... most of the rest of us see the President of the United States of America, one whose second term will be highly regarded by historians) ... sports millionaires like LeBron James, billionaire stars like Oprah and Samuel L. Jackson ... and Hilary Clinton, Con Rice, Michelle Howard ... add whoever you want ... things seem to be moving in the right direction without too much added help being required. Things could be better; but we've come a long way since Rosa Parks. Ok scousers are still an unsuccessful minority; but a good football team might help give them a boost. Muslims, too, are still sucking the hind-tit; but once they get out of the Middle Ages, things might improve. Only about 10 muslims have won a Nobel Prize, most of those the Peace Prize, the "Miss Congeniality" award. Jews and other infidels on the other hand .....

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