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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

I was annoyed last night watching the BBC news where they cut from David Cameron's speech in Brussels, to a bimbo reporter, in Downing Street who hadn't a clue about any of the details but waffled for a good few minutes anyway. If it was the final of Strictly or a mind numbing awards ceremony, the program would have been extended and later programs would have been delayed.
We are told DC has made a deal but the devil is in the detail and merely saying that in-work benefits are to be phased in is nowhere near enough information for me.
I wrote to our MP (CON) asking if the same level of benefits would be paid to me if I was a migrant in any of the other member states. His response was to quote some bull**** EU directive about it being illegal to discriminate against a citizen of another member state.
A migrant worker being able to claim child benefit for children who do not even live in this country absolutely beggars belief and the fact that we have to renegotiate such matters with a bunch of greedy bureaucrats proves just how much of our sovereignty we have given away to the faceless wonders of Europe.

For a union of any sort to work it has to be a level playing field for all. The vastly different levels of taxation, subsidies and benefits proves that we are very much at a disadvantage.

As for negotiating a better deal, they can't even negotiate a deal with Wales and Scotland where we are all on a level playing field.
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