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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by Barrie Yates View Post
Whilst he may have an agreement of sorts it could all be rejected by any of the individual countries parliaments - after our referendum. Each country has, I believe, the power of veto.
In other words what he thinks he has gained could be rejected in it's entirety by any one of the other members of the EU so we would be in exactly the same position, if not a weakened one, that we have now.
I already know which way I shall be voting.
Barrie, you are right and I have pointed this out in a number of posts.
In essence he went out and came back with nothing but horse feathers.

If the British public swallow this as a deal, then they are far dafter than I took them for.
We have gained nothing and in the process, I believe we have alienated other members.....and this veto would be their idea of 'socking it to us'
No....let's get the hell out of there.
Life is a delicate balance of letting go and hanging on.
You have to know what to let go of, but also what's worth hangin on to...get it wrong and its...pffft....

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