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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
It doesn't matter how many rose petals you put on a pile of manure...It is still manure, it still stinks and you don't want it shoved under your nose.
That is what this deal(if you can call it that without being done under the trade description act) is.....manure!
Kinda like Weapons of Mass Destruction, eh ... As far as I can see, or read, (and I do like to keep myself informed about what's going on in the world) there is no deal that will fundamentally alter the status quo. The "Deal" is necessary. Cameron knows he can't sell the status quo, just as Blair couldn't sell the Iraq War as something Bush wanted to do just for the hell of it. What was needed by those who want to stay in was a smoke screen ... burning shiite; the mind boggles and the tummy churns. As far as I can see, that's what this deal is. Added bonus for Cameron is that folks will debate the deal as if it were real. This will deflect attention from the fundamental issue, Britain's survival as a sovereign state.

Cameron truly deserves The Dorwin Award.

Watchman's Words: The Dorwin Award
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