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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by accyman View Post
You have to laugh at the timing...

no sooner is cameron on TV shoving his worthless platitudes germany kick off lol

staying in means more asylum seekers and migrants and Germany will push like hell to get their way regardless of what cameron says he has agreed.Despite what cameron says he has got the referendum hasnt even happened yet and germany are already at it lol
It is no surprise to anyone that Germany has a vengeful approach to issues.
Last week the German trade minister Herr Krichbaum gloatingly stated that if the UK left the EU then the EU might be forced to apply trading tariffs.
This was an attempt at scaremongering, at making us think that this is a valid reason to stay.
We could do the same.....because we actually buy more from Germany than we sell to them. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Aldi, Lidl.
The truth is that next to Germany we are the biggest nett contributor(but seem to have the least influence).
If we left,then it would be Germany left to sort out the dire mess that is Europe.(and left to shoulder the financial burden of that mess)
So they actually need us far more than we need them.
You only have to look at the way Germany bullied Greece in the financial crisis.
Yes, OK, the Greeks did not live within their means, but come on....the EU has not had a budget ratified for 21 years. That is a bit of 'pot and kettle'.
The better outcome would have been for Greece to be removed from the single currency.
For them to go back to the Drachma, devalue and at least they would then have been able to become competitive in tourism be masters of their own financial fate.

There is much about the EU that is bad.....and the bullying vengefulness of the way it treats members is something that needs to be considered when you are putting your x in the box.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.

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