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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
The question on the ballot paper is very clear and straightforward.
It has been published and I am sure most people will have seen it.
As for the second question a majority of one is still a majority.
My understanding is that the campaign will be funded from the public purse, with the IN protagonists having the larger budget....unfair, but then we know exactly what the current incumbents hope will happen.....and that is that we vote to stay in(anything else means a lot of work for those at the Palace of Westminster).
Ah ... found THE QUESTION. But I don't see it as being all that neutral or simple. There are probably millions of voters who are somewhere in between "in" or "out". Question is, which way will they swing? It seems as if Cameron's "deal" is more important than I first thought. Seems like what folks may be asked to vote for is that deal. The waverers might be tempted to vote for staying in the EU with changes. So the DEAL, with all its convoluted language and complicated provisions actually becomes THE QUESTION.

And I don't think a majority of one is sufficient. A miniscule majority might just become the issue in the next election, perpetuating division.

Parties which win elections are famous for claiming "We have been given a mandate by the people ... etc." Whichever way you look at it, 50% + 1 ain't no mandate.

British foreign policy has for centuries been based on a balance of power in Europe. Leaving the EU will leave Britain without influence. I know the world has changed, especially since WWll ... you now have to consider your best buddy, the USA. But the US has a vested interest in Britain's remaining a member of the EU. Expect some serious arm twisting from the Yanks, particularly the Democrats who look set to win the Presidential election ... as long as the Republicans are bent on self-destruction.
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