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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Well, the so called deal is actually no deal at all because whatever was agreed by those members at the recent negotiations cannot guarantee that these proposals will not be veto'd once the result of the referendum is known.
Now if the UK electorate votes to stay in we are stuffed.....we got nothing.....we will be left looking like right lemons.
If they vote to come out then it really doesn't matter......because their influence will have less bearing on the daily doings of the UK.

Something like 60% of our laws come out of Brussels.....from unelected bureaucrats.....people who really have no interests in the good of the people in the UK.....people who we cannot use a democratic process to remove.

The EU ties our businesses in red tape. They make business harder to conduct because we, the British play entirely by the rules. Other countries( like France) cherry pick which rules they will follow.....nothing happens to them, there are no penalties imposed on them.

We buy more from EU countries than we sell to.
Germany talked about imposing trading tariffs if we leave.....let them.
The whole of our trade with all of the EU amounts to 44%. We buy more from them....and we could impose trading tariffs too.
The EU needs the UK in there because next to Germany we are the largest nett contributor.
If we left then, Germany would be left to shoulder the burden of the financial mire that is currently the Eurozone.
The EU is the most undemocratic, bloated and corrupt organisation going.

As for leaving the UK without influence.....Eric, that is a joke. We have very little influence in the EU.....we are a voice that goes unheard.
We need to look away from the EU......we should not be shackling ourselves to an organisation that can shift the goalposts once the vote is in.
Would you pay an untold amount of money for a car.....the make ,model and specwhich you would not be told until after you had handed over the money?...because that is what this 'deal' is akin to.
I just hope that the electorate can see that this is a illusion painted by smooth tongued snake oil salesmen.
Life is a delicate balance of letting go and hanging on.
You have to know what to let go of, but also what's worth hangin on to...get it wrong and its...pffft....

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